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During the last year of college, one of my friends (Rakesh) suggested to check out the Dark Web and a French website, where we can earn by betting. I know what you are thinking, and I thought:

A French Gambling Website? Seems trustworthy

However, Rakesh swore to me that the site was valid and it only used Paypal as a payment method, so my mind was reduced to some extent.

So on Sunday, I was bored and finally decided to give it a shot. I was welcomed by a bad English used on the welcome page. Registration was painless and before I was in the roulette lobby, it took only a few minutes. There were about $ 100 in my PayPal account that I earned online, so I bought virtual chips worth $ 100.

The site offered three rooms where I could play, but they were all filled. I used to refresh the page but the space was not open. I was losing patience. I decided that I would refresh once more and if it was still full then I am out of peace. Shit, if they do not want my money, then someone will gladly take it. I hit the refresh button and change something. The entire layout of the page was suddenly completely different. The original, unplugging Brown-Ish pages were all black now, but more specifically, there was only one link on it. A link for a virtual room named “Eureur”.

I thought it really weird I thought I might have clicked one of those annoying banners (which would have passed AdBlock somehow), I clicked the “back” button, but nothing changed. Whatever, I have already said goodbye to that $ 100, so let’s try this nonsense. I clicked on the lobby and after the page asked me if I was sure that I wanted to enter (which seemed strange to me, almost as if they did not want my money), I finally got inside the damn thing.

I’m not sure if you ever play online roulette, but this is how it works (at least what I’ve played). You are connected to a few casual casinos through a live webcam. You choose your number and bet your hands and then see the dealer turning the wheel in real time and see what you won (or lost most likely). It’s almost like there so the webcam loads, and the first thing I notice is this girl, I swear it was not bigger than 15-16. She was small, thin and white. I immediately noticed that she looked tired. They probably work harder like me, who think of me as mule. It seemed that his desk was on a platform because I could see the rest of the room behind him. There were almost 5 card tables. That place seemed to be very quiet. Then, my desire to lose money decreased and I decided to put my first wager.

At $ 5 odd numbers.

All the bets are in!

The girl said quietly that she spins the wheel. Typically, dealers shout that line as a part of the show. I think these were all businesses.


Feces. $ 95 left. I wrote a number in my notebook because it was part of my system. Write down all the numbers so that I can predict the future. Great, right? (Not necessary)

At $ 10 odd numbers.

All the bets are in!

The little asshole ball stopped at 12. God damn it. Oh okay, still $ 85 is left.

$ 20 on odd numbers.

As soon as he chopped the wheel, I found something strange in the room. It seemed like almost anyone …


Hell fucking yes Won $ 40 Up to $ 125 Maybe this place is not so bad. $ 10 again on the odd Yes, I know, my system is weird.

All the bets are in!

He said again. As the ball was getting slower, I used to see more on the background of the room. I was right one minute ago when I felt something weird No one was walking in the fucking room. Surely.


When I was excited about the balance of my account, I could not help about this situation but was feeling weird. I mean, no one was doing so much as finger shake. 5 tables, 6 people and a dealer on each of them Even the waitress in the back, holding a tray with drinks on it. And they all stood up and sat. I tried to make it rational, believing that the website had added a picture background behind the dealer to the effect of a real casino, but man, this place seemed to be very realistic just to be a picture. My timer started beeping and I had to bet another one.

At $ 20 odd

As the girl moved forward, I continued to study her background. I got confused with the strange situation behind him. I mean, there was no way. It was a photoshopping picture. They were not walking anymore.


Yes sir, won another $ 40 Hey, if I can keep winning, then these friends never have to go to me.

At $ 20 odd

I decided to start paying a bit more attention to the girl. What else to do? It does not like that someone was moving forward. As I said, she was young, she was young. She seemed tired and was probably a little worried. Many times it seemed that she was looking straight at me, but I was convinced that I was just imagining things.

Won another $ 40.

I can not let you play now by playing, but I have made 4 more bets, two of whom won. I was sitting at about $ 200 at the time. But then, the curiosity started to come out inside

Still, people are not growing. And this is not an added photo-shipped image. Something was not right I just decided to continue playing so that I could see these strange people.

At $ 40 odd

I saw a chat feature on the left side of the webcam feed. I decided to type a quick “hi” to see if I was getting a response. As soon as I started writing, I saw a man passing through the room. Told that it was not a picture. She was dressed in a black coat with a collar, so I could not get out of it. He was moving very slowly between the tables. He stopped by one of them. Then he bent down and started looking at one of the men sitting there. Just like in front of his face, one inch out of it Just stared at him, and the seated friend did not get as much as he teased. Weird man


My balance was now around $ 230 but I did not care about it. I wanted to know what is happening here. I woke up after seeing the man. The webcam feed was not HD, so I could not give the details of that person’s face, but I could tell one thing which bothered me. The man was all black and white. His skin color was clearly different from those around him, I can tell that some pixels are also available through the French camera. What the fuck? I thought. The timer started beeping again.

Fuck, strange at $ 20

I woke up again Black and white people stare at the stationary card player, and went to the wall of the room. He started licking the fucking wall, I did not shake you. He stood in front of a wall and just started licking it. Their tongue also seemed unusually long over the low ridge camera. Not sure it was his colorlessness, but the damn tongue appeared black. There was a bright red wallpaper in the wall, which enhanced the unnatural lack of this man’s color. As I was about to go out of the audible voice, what the hell is going on here? The dealer girl interrupted me, almost as she knew that I was going to break the silent atmosphere of the French casino from the Twilight area.

Five! she shouted.

I was a little startled and zoomed back out. I won again, but I did not care. I was focusing more on a person who was showing in black and white and licking a fucking casino’s wall.

Now, take a second and imagine this happening in this strange situation. You are sitting alone in your dark room, it is 2am, and you casually play gambling when you pay attention that no dealer is going to any casino except you. Then, a man who looks colorless, starts going through that place, stares at the people and licks the walls.

I had to bet on staying in the lobby.

$ 100 on the heterogeneous.

The man had stopped licking the wall and started walking again. He went on one of the dealers on the second table. They kept their hands on the shoulders of the dealer. Then I heard him say something. If it seems that it seemed like “say yea”. As they said, the dealer changed. This was the first time someone had transferred my dealer girl and other than the colorless person.

One! The girl shouted. I think that it seems that she knows that I was not paying attention to it and she wanted me. I won again, but at that time I did not give a nonsense.

The second dealer saw that man stare at his face while stare at him. He did not say anything, just stared at him.

$ 200 on the heterogeneous.

This stare continued for about 30 seconds. I started writing a message on the right in the chat box. I wrote “Hey, what’s going on there?” When I pressed “sent”, the dealer girl did not react. Perhaps the only option for aesthetics was to chat, I do not know.


Somehow, I’ve been winning. But at that time money was secondary. I needed to know what was going on.

Also on $ 200

The dealer beside the man started moving around uncontrollably. Then he mute something like “non” to the man, and collapsed. Just like it fell in front of him. The man did not take this step, just saw the sedentary body of the dealer. No one else came in the room, my girl too. I shouted “what a fuck!” On the computer and all this has changed. Every man and woman in the room looked at me I swear to you that every person sees me directly. They did not take steps, just looked at me. The dealer girl seemed frightened beyond belief. She quickly pressed any type of button next to her desk. The man with no color gradually turned in my direction. She started walking towards my table. I found a message in the chat box.


I had sometimes moved my spine downwards, but it never happened. I mean, I knew that they can not get me through the screen, but overall the overall lack of status made me feel the best.

The man went to the webcam and began to stare at me. There was no doubt in him: he was in black and white. Now, I do not know how to rationalize that nonsense. Malfunction Bad camera? video editing? I do not know, but I know it was just a colorless on the screen. The rest of the people were still looking at me.

Man’s eyes were humanly as open as possible. She seemed to be doing my studies.

I was frightened, man, but I was spellbound, unable to leave the game. He reached closer to the camera and what I could see was his eyes. Could he see me? I do not think so. I hope not. But they eyes, man, they eyes They were absolutely cruel, and terrible cold. They were also black and white, like the rest of the man. When he went back, I almost fell out of my chair. All the casinos were now standing behind the man. 30+ people were still staring at me, their eyes were open way. They were not moving forward I do not know how they reached there so quickly; The man picked up the screen for only a few seconds.

Not only did one person think that he was a dealer girl. She seemed totally distraught. The man turned towards me, then looked at me. It was almost as if he saw that he was out of that twilight room. He went upstairs and stopped behind him. She was shivering. * O..o … one “he muted, obviously fearing by the man behind him. He started laying his arms on his shoulders, I screamed.

Fuck what you guys are doing! “I screamed.

The man started smiling. I can not begin to explain to you how awkward and genuine this experience was. A colorless man was watching me, smiling, wrapping his arms around the girl.

He looked at me I could tell that he knew that I am still watching. He seemed peacefully. As she knew it was the same.

In the end he said, there is little energy in his voice:

“Thanks … thank you for playing with us today … and do not forget your numbers!”

As he said, the arms of a man went to his neck at unnatural and inhuman motion. At that moment, the lobby closed.

I was back to the original, brown roulette page. My account balance was $ 520.

I sat there, was stunned I was sure that I had a hallucination, with those lines dreamed. It was not real. I mean, come on, man. Colorless friends walking through the sedentary casino, doing strange dirt, and finally watching me through the camera? Come on. Even then, I believe that I am a sensible person, and I know that I was not imagining. That was messy. I went to bed and although I had trouble forgetting this impossible event, I fell asleep When I woke up yesterday morning, the casino was the first thing in my mind. My initial idea was to try to go back to that lobby.

go to hell. I decided that it was some kind of prank. I went with my day. But, you know, that damn thing is with me all the time. What was this nonsense? I continue to analyze. I tried to talk to Rakesh about it, but he laughed at me. I told him the whole story In my end, I was trying to convince him that I was not lying, I remember the last words of the girl.

And do not forget your numbers!

At the end of the game some dealers did not tell you that I went back to my notebook and saw the numbers I received that night. At least I wrote most numbers before night.

16 12 5 1 19 5 8 5 12 16 13 5

And the last three numbers that I did not write because I was focusing too much on the horror of the horror on my screen. I analyzed the good hours, tried to detect a pattern. I had no luck. Once again, I decided that someone was just fucking with me. I let the whole thing go Actually, no, I did not. I went back to the website and in the case only, withdrew all my money back into my PayPal account. Then I went with my day.

By this morning, I forgot about all but the weird night at the French online casino. I had two classes today. In the second class, the lecturer was talking about some games where you have to understand a puzzle. They gave it to the classroom to solve it. I will be honest, I did not. So, finally he called someone to come in front of the class and demonstrated how he solved it. A man came out and started using all of these principles. Again, I was not paying much attention, but one thing that he said, he caught my ear. He mentioned the numbers. Number corresponding to letters

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I knew this was a solution. I went home after college and opened my notebook.

16 is P.

12 is L

5 is E.

1 is A

19 is S

5 is E.


8 is H

5 is E.

12 is L

16 is P.


13 is M

5 is E.


Please help me. The young girl was begging for help trapped inside the horror casino and I was very stupid to pay attention. Was this a mischief? I do not know. A coincidence? hardly.

I did not know what to do. I tried to log in to the website again, but it was completely normal. There was no “hot” lobby. I was, and still helpless.

I spent time for the hours to come to me to think, think, and control whatever could have happened. I ignored every phrase that I could think of, but not luck.

And then, as soon as I started writing this, I remembered the last 3 numbers.

1, 11 and 1.

A, K, and A.

The first three letters of my name If the situation does not increase further, then probably will get the other two letters / numbers

I got sick My knees suddenly became weak.

This was not a coincidence.

What was bad, they know my name!

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