Keeping in mind the interests of sugarcane farmers, the government has started a new facility, a website is developed through which all the sugar cane farmers can get all the information related to their cane supply on this website.

Hindi translation: ganna kisaanon ke hiton ko dhyaan mein rakhate hue, sarakaar ne ek naee suvidha shuroo kee hai, ek vebasait vikasit kee gaee hai, jisake maadhyam se sabhee ganna kisaan is vebasait par apanee ganna aapoorti se sambandhit sabhee jaanakaaree praapt kar sakate hain.

Through this, the sugarcane farmer can get all information related to the survey, slip release, weighed, payment and development related to his sugar mill through the internet, anywhere, thereby reducing the cost of the cane farmers as well as the amount of money spent will to come. Let’s know, how can you see your sugarcane slip?

Hindi translation: isake maadhyam se, ganna kisaan intaranet ke maadhyam se apanee cheenee mil se sambandhit sarvekshan, parchee jaaree, taul, bhugataan aur vikaas se sambandhit sabhee jaanakaaree praapt kar sakate hain, jisase ganna kisaanon kee laagat ke saath-saath kharch kee gaee raashi bhee kam ho jaegee. aane ke lie hoga. aaie jaanate hain, aap apanee ganne kee parchee kaise dekh sakate hain?

So far, sugarcane farmers had to face a lot of problems in getting payment, farmers had to go to the offices many times for this money, which was causing constant frustration within the farmers. Although no payment was received in time, its direct impact was on the crop. Given this problem of farmers, this facility has been started by the government. Now, complete information about sugarcane can be obtained from the mobile, computer or cyber cafe through the website.

Hindi translation: ab tak ganna kisaanon ko bhugataan praapt karane mein kaaphee samasyaon ka saamana karana padata tha, kisaanon ko is paise ke lie kaee baar kaaryaalayon mein jaana padata tha, jisase kisaanon ke bheetar lagaataar niraasha paida ho rahee thee. haalaanki samay par koee bhugataan nahin mila, lekin isaka seedha asar phasal par pada. kisaanon kee is samasya ko dekhate hue sarakaar dvaara yah suvidha shuroo kee gaee hai. ab vebasait ke maadhyam se mobail, kampyootar ya saibar kaiphe se ganne ke baare mein pooree jaanakaaree praapt kee ja sakatee hai.

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How to see Ganna Parchi:
Ganna Parchi kaise dekhe

Go to

ganna parchi kaise dekhe

Now type the characters shown

ganna parchi

After this, enter factory name

ganna parchi

After this, click on the farmer login

Ganna Parchi Calender Online | गन्ना पर्ची कैलेंडर |

Select year

ganna parchi

After this, all the details will be there before you.

Ganna Parchi Calender Online | गन्ना पर्ची कैलेंडर |

Here, we told you about online sugarcane slip and calendar, if there is any kind of question or suggestion related to this information or any other information related to it, then tell through the comment box.

Hindi translation: yahaan, hamane aapako onlain ganna parchee aur kailendar ke baare mein bataaya, yadi is jaanakaaree se sambandhit kisee bhee prakaar ka prashn ya sujhaav hai ya isase sambandhit koee any jaanakaaree hai, to kament ke maadhyam se bataen.

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