Drinking hot water is good for health. It is good to drink hot water when you wake up in the morning, also mix hot water with juice of amla, aloe vera, giloy etc. First Health Benefit Of Drinking Hot Water is that the stomach is thoroughly cleaned. When the hot water is mixed with the above juices, there is a benefit in inflammation, an increase in the immunity to diseases, all main faults in the body are in the equanimity. The toxic bacteria, fungus, viruses of the body are destroyed.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water
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After drinking hot water, you can get rid of stomach ache, bad clusters decrease, stomach gas, and indigestion, food is properly digested. The stomach and liver function properly. It decreases weight. There is no disease in the body due to changes in the weather over time. All the throat diseases – cold-cough, sore throat, mucus, sinus, sneezing, etc., all the problem solved with hot water intake. It plays a major role in the mitigation of vata disease. Cold food and water harm in vata disease. If regular hot water consumption is done in daily life, then there is relief from all types of disease (vascular pain, jaundice pain) caused by vata disease. In the summer season, you can drink light hot water in the morning. With the increase of daytime heat, soil pots, natural cold water intake is beneficial.

The internal nature of our body is always hot. If the intake cold water regularly, then the body will resist this thing (i.e., stomach), all the activities of the body will be automatically discontinued, it will cause untoward diseases, indigestion, gas, and constipation will increase in the body, Many diseases related to cough, vata disease will be born in the body.

That is, in a nutshell, the basic mantra (treasure) of long life, continuous maintenance of the body, working with full physical capacity, always happy – happy, healthy living is the regular consumption of hot water. By adopting one of the small habits in daily life, we will receive multi-dimensional, incomparable benefits.

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