Before knowing how to be healthy forever, know that we ourselves do not allow us to stay healthy. It seems a bit awkward but true. We can maintain our health easily.

Our body has amazing power to fight diseases. We should support the body in fighting the diseases, or the body will definitely become sick. To support the body, we do not need to eat any expensive medicine. The only thing that is necessary is to understand the body’s nature and give it what it needs. This is not very difficult. The body clearly indicates what it wants and what does not. Hunger, thirst, sleep, fatigue, abdominal pain, constipation etc. are body signals.

If you do not eat food if you are hungry, do not drink water when you feel thirsty, then surely we are opposing the body by not supporting it. The result will be physical pain.
Even when there is no hunger, there is also resistance to food. A little bit of health goes away to the doctor. Then have antibiotic accounts. Those with side effects are very much.
By taking care of such small things you can stay healthy by avoiding a lot of troubles.

10 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy Forever

Some natural physiological processes should not be stopped at any time such as yawn, sneezing, tears, hunger, dumb, sleep, urine, cough etc. Preventing them produces diseases in the body which can not be healthy.

how to be healthy forever

In a vegetarian diet, vitamin B12 and vitamin D are found only in rare items. Therefore, there is a complete possibility of lack of them. Only milk in the vegetarian diet is the source of vitamin B1.

benefits of milk

Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause many problems. Therefore, two glasses of milk should be consumed daily. This will also help calcium and prevent the bone weakness of the joints, worms in the teeth etc.

It is important to have sunlight for vitamin D deficiency. Must walk half an hour in the morning. It has many benefits. Just like constipation, hemorrhoids etc. will not be the problems anymore. The appetite will look good, the food will go well, the blood pressure will remain regular, diabetes will stay away, the weight will be good, the lungs and the heart will be strong, etc.

How To Be Healthy Forever? 2019

In the food salad, green vegetables, fruits, dried fruits like cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts etc. should be consumed every day.

Drinking milk, curd, buttermilk etc, two to three liters i.e. eight ten glasses of water should be consumed throughout the day.

In the Summer season, you should take enough water, buttermilk, tamarind etc., to avoid dehydration.

Avoid heavy sunlight.

Frozen things should not be eaten. Fatty and fried food stuffs digestively so that there can be gas and acidity. The fried/oily market fast food can be harmful, frying oil can be used in more work which can lead to sickness.

By taking vitamin “C” food, the body’s immune system increases. Therefore, it is necessary to consume lemon, orange, guava, kiwi etc.Gooseberry(Amla) is a very good source of “C”. Make use of it in any form daily. Amla candy, amla powders etc. can be made easily at home or purchase it from the store.

Basil must be planted at home. Taking one leaf basil with water in the morning brings great benefits. It has a good effect on the body in the long run. Even this protects from cancer.

benefits of basil

If possible, the yoga and pranayama should be made part of daily routine. This keeps the body flexible and energized and strong. Yoga and Pranayam should be done only by learning from an experienced and trained person, otherwise, you may also be harmed. 

benefits of pranayam yoga

If possible two to three hours before sleeping and after a meal, you should walk a little bit.

benefits of walking after a meal

Digestion power is weak during the night, therefore, it means that one should take light quick diet.

Fasting has a very good effect on the body. It gives physical and mental power to the person. Therefore, they must be given a place in their life as much as possible. Fasting should be done once a week. It will be helpful in keeping your stomach correct. If required at the time of fast, very limited quantity should be used taken.

Nowadays, there is a problem of blood pressure and cholesterol at an early age. Blood pressure should be kept in check at regular intervals. Blood pressure is not known to increase and it has a very bad effect on the body.

Cholesterol should be kept in control.

If there is fever then check with the thermometer. If it is more than 102 degrees, then the effort should be made to reduce fever by continuously keeping the cloth over the head with water. Do not panic with the light fever of one or two days. If there is a fever for more days then it must be checked and to be consulted with a doc.

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