Today I am going to tell you some important points on how to increase eyesight or How to improve eyesight naturally with food? Yes, friends today, we take bath everyday – brush everyday- clean every part of the body – wash the face – wash the hair – but we forget to clean our eyes and wash the eyes with cold water, due to which we see blurry when reading, sometimes difficulty in a distant view, and sometimes difficulty in seeing the near objects. Headache – Irritability – water coming from the eyes – dryness of eyes – heaviness in the eyes – hence making less visible at night; etc.

Due to the weakness of the eyes, a person will have to wear glasses throughout the ages and heal the weakness of the eyes. You will have to do eye laser surgery, but you can increase your eyesight by changing your lifestyle and food and taking care of your eyes. So common friends let’s know complete information about increasing eyesight.

How to increase eyesight home remedies

How to increase eyesight

1. Fennel & Cucumber Paste

By making fennel and cucumber paste, your eyesight gets sharp and this paste also removes blackness (dark circles) of your eyes. Fennel and cucumber paste removes the weakness of your eyes and promotes new energy to you. Put the fennel in water for one to two hours and then grind it into the mixer with half the cucumber and make a paste and keep it for 30 to 40 minutes, then put this mixture to cool down. Fennel and cucumber are also considered to be very good for you in the stomach. To increase your eyesight, you should massage for ten minutes lightly and well.

2. Almonds and Granulated Oils

Almonds and granulated(Arandi) oils prove beneficial to increase your eyesight because – on the eyelids of eyes – on the dark circles of the eyes – massage for 10 to 15 minutes. By doing so, the flow of the blood is promoted in the nerves of the eyes and the eyesight increases. During the massage, when the oil goes into your eyes then no damage to your eyes. But keep in mind that Almond and Arandi oil should be 100 percent pure and healthy.

The people who have a headache due to the weakness of the eyes – dizziness in seeing nearby – they should use almonds and granular oil three times a week, it removes the dark circles near your eyes. If people have eyeglasses on their eyes, then those people should keep their stomach clean because of constipation, there is a bad effect on the eyes, if you are not getting clean then use Triphala powder.

3. Watermelon, Pumpkin, Cucumber Seeds

Watermelon seeds – Seedlings of linseed – Pumpkin seeds and cucumber seeds, etc. are very effective to increase the eyesight. Antioxidants – Vitamins – Minerals – amino acids etc. are mainly available inside these seeds. You can get these seeds easily in the supermarket. You can eat these seeds after half an hour after taking food.

4. Aloe Vera Juice

Those people who are not able to see properly nearby or far objects should drink aloe vera juice every day because there are 20 kinds of amino acids inside the aloe vera juice, which is mainly effective for increasing eyesight. Aloe vera contains calcium – potassium – Magnesium – Iron – Vitamin A – Vitamin D – in rich amounts which helps in increasing eyesight by removing eye vulnerability. Drink aloe vera juice before having a meal.

5. Amla Juice

To increase your eyesight, you should drink Amla’s juice as it mainly contains Vitamin A – Vitamin C – Vitamin D.

6. Carrot Juice

To increase your eyesight, you should drink carrot juice continuously as many nutrients are present inside the juice of the carrots.

7. Spinach Juice

You can drink the spinach juice to increase your eyesight – you can also eat spinach’s vegetable.

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To increase your eyesight, you should use COD LIVER OIL and FLAXSEED OIL as Omega 3 and Omega 6 come under this oil.

9. Dry Fruits

You should every day eat, to remove the weakness of the eyes, cashew nuts – almonds – nuts – etc. You always eat these dry fruit after putting in water for 3 hours, it will be very beneficial.

10. Other Ways

Wash your eyes every day with cold water 2 to 3 times.
Do yoga every day and do some exercises.
Use sunglass on sunburn.
Do not work on a computer for a long time.

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