Diet plays an important role in keeping people healthy and fit. Due to busy routine, the physical activity of the people is decreasing day by day, due to which the calories taken are converted into fat and it appears in the surrounding areas of the stomach.

Often people are engaged in losing weight. But the most common problem is the removal of the fat around the stomach. Do you know that some people are not fat but there is more fat accumulated around their stomach. Fat on the stomach not only spoils your health but also spoils your look and personality.

Avoid drinking water after eating:

Avoid drinking water after eating

It is often seen that after eating the food people drink lots of water, which is one of the main causes of a fatty stomach. Drinking water at the end of the meal is not advisable but should drink water only one and a half hours. If you are feeling more thirsty then drink only one cup lightly after eating.

Take light food:

take light food to lose fat

Eat several times a day, instead of eating three times a day. Keep eating something every two hours. It keeps the body’s metabolism right, also the level of energy remains the same. Increase the amount of protein in the food. Otherwise, it takes too much time to digest and the stomach is filled up for a long time. White egg part, fat-free milk, and curd, grilled fish and vegetables will make you slim and fit.

Honey is beneficial:

honey benefits for losing weight

As we all know, there is a mine of advantages of honey. It is also effective in reducing obesity. Drink lemon juice and honey together in a glass of warm water, empty stomach daily. By adopting this process regularly, you will soon see the effect.

Drink Green Tea:

gree tea help losing fat

If you are very fond of drinking tea, then instead of drinking milk tea, drink green tea filled with antioxidants, or black tea. It contains amino acids named theanine, which discharge such chemicals in the brain and control your appetite.

Walk daily in the morning:

morning walk reduces fat

Go on a morning walk and do not forget to take a walk even after dinner. This will help reduce the extra calories of the stomach and waist. Because going on a regular basis, 25 percent of calories get burned. To reduce belly fat, keep a thirty-minute walk session. If you can not walk continuously with speed, then take pauses in between. Walk fast and then reduce the speed.


fating helps reducing weight

If you are very fond of eating and drinking and are worried about your habit, then the easiest way to lose weight is to do fasting at least once a week. Just stay on fluid on one day of the week, like water, lemonade, milk, juice, soup etc. or someday take salad or fruits only.

Take care of the food & drink:

If you eat a lot of junk food or if you like oily food then start avoiding them, instead of normal flour, instead of barley and gram flour, eat chapati, you will soon be slim trim. Eating some gram almonds can reduce waist size. So from today, make sure to include 100 grams of nuts daily in your diet. It will be full of calories As well as also containing fiber. | Moderate calorie food | you take at least 2000 calories a day.

Adequate sleep:

take adequate sleep to reduce weight

It is also necessary to take adequate sleep with balanced diet and exercise. Stress-free hormones are released when sleep is not complete, which inspire you to eat, which also increases the fat of the stomach. People who have 6 to 7 hours of sleep at night have less stomach fat. People who are more or less sleepy than this have to struggle with this problem. So always get to sleep on time.

Yoga is important:

Yoga is important to lose weight

To reduce the waist and stomach, you should regularly wake up in the morning and do yoga. Anyway you can be healthy with yoga. But especially you do such asanas that help reduce your belly and waist. Do every day of Surya Namaskar, Sarvangasana, Bhujangasan, Vajrasana, Padmasana, Shalbhasan etc.

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Exercise Ball:

Lie directly on the back of the ground on the ground. Now lift your two legs by taking a big shaped exercise ball in your hands. Now grab the ball of your hands in your feet and then take the feet down and bring the ball again. Then take the ball that has been lifted from the feet again in your hands. Do this action continuously 12 times. Doing this reduces the accumulation of fat on the stomach in a few days

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