Be it on TV or the bedtime stories that our elders have told us at the time we were growing up, we’ve all have been growing up with interesting and strange stories of Mahabharata. The greatness or epicness of these stories never run out. Here are some lesser known Interesting Facts About Mahabharata!

  1. Sahdev knew everything about the future. He knew the war was going to happen but he kept quiet because he was under a curse that if he told anything to anyone he would die.
  2. Krishna had a sister whose name was Ekinda who was born from Nanda and Yashoda. (In Harivansh, the name is known as Sammasa)
  3. Bhishma knew that Shikhandi was the female ambassador of his past. This was the reason that whenever Arjuna used it as a shield, he dropped his arrow down.
  4. Bhanumati (Duryodhana’s wife) was a devotee of Lord Krishna.
  5. Balram was the father-in-law of Abhimanyu. His daughter was the wife of Vatsala Abhimanyu. Actually, Balram wanted to marry Vatsala, son of Laxman (Duryodhan’s son) but Abhimanyu did not like it because he loved Vatsala. He asked his brother, Kalutakchh to intervene.
  6. Ghatotkach went to Lakshman’s wedding ceremony and scared the groom. He brought Vatsala to Abhimanyu by magic. Lakshman used to sweat with fear and never swore to marry. Duryodhana’s anger was further fury when he got married to Vatsala’s Abhimanyu about marriage.
  7. Laxman’s sister Lakshman was married to Samba (son of Krishna). Balram originally planned to marry Subhadra from Duryodhana. But Subhadra wanted to marry Arjun, so she escaped with him.
  8. To break his marital laws with Draupadi, Arjuna’s pilgrimage earned him three more wives. They were: Chitrangada (Manipur), Ulupi (Naga) and Subhadra.
  9. Abhimanyu was actually the soul of a monster called Kalyan. After burning Kalyan, Krishna had caught his soul (tied him in a knot of his upper garment) and took him to Dwarka to keep him in a closet only. Ghatotkach (who was sent by Hidimba to look after Subhadra in Dwarka, because Pandavas were in the jungle) saw Krishna and scolded him. He went to Subhadra to report the matter, which went down to check. He opened the wardrobe and a light entered his womb so that he became unconscious. This was the main reason that when he was in the womb, Krishna gave half of Chakravyuhah to Abhimanyu.
  10. Eklavya was actually Krishna’s cousin. She God’s son (brother’s brother) was Vasudev) who was lost in the forest and was A Nishada Hiranyandhu was found. Eklavya Rukmini died while protecting her father Self He was killed by Krishna.
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  12. Yudhishtir had another wife who was named Devika. She was the daughter of Govasana Tsiva tribe. Her son was a warrior.
  13. Shikhandi had a son, whose name was Kshadradeva. Shikhandi was married to a Tasaran princess.
  14. Karna lost her first son Sudaman (16 years Old) in Draupadi Swayam He also lost Foster brother Shrimantapata (Shoan) in Virat war. Both were brutally killed by Arjuna.
  15. Krishna took charge of Karnal Vishishtaketu. The youngest son after the Mahabharata war. Krishna taught all the angels but told not to teach them as someone else People of Kali Yuga benefit this.
  16. Laxman became a sati on Samba’s chita.
    Arjuna was unable to protect the wives
    After Krishna, departing from the common robbers towards Krishna Vaikunth. His bow became heavy and he forgot all his mantras. 8 main wives committed suicide. The other was kidnapped by robbers.
  17. 16,000 wives of Krishna were, in fact, the incarnation of apsaras.
  18. Yuyutsu’s half-brother was Duryodhana. He was the son of Dhritarashtra Vaishya Wife. Duryodhana appointed him the finance minister. He was later appointed as the caretaker of the exam and the governor of Hastinapur. He used to take care of the throne until there was an old age enough to govern. Yuyutsu committed suicide when he could not save the tester from the constable.
  19. Dhritarashtra and Gandhari retired After 15 years of the coronation of the forest Yudhisthira. Its main reason was Bhima’s taunt Which made them depressed.
  20. Tested wife Madrawati was a frog!
  21. Draupadi laughed Bhishma in his last time When he was giving them the knowledge he had a few moments.
  22. Duryodhana Dwait was in the forest, with Indraprastha insulting the Pandavas with all the servants. Here Gandharva Chitrasen and his nymph were enjoying in the pond. Duryodhana asked Chitrasen to leave the pool, but as he had denied, a hot argument arose among them. Chitrasena attacked Duryodhana. Pandavas, who was near, asked him to go alone.
    Chitrasena, who was a friend of Arjuna, Bakhsh Duryodhana, but not before binding him with vines and setting him on his horse. Although Duryodhana humiliated, he thanked Arjun and asked him what he wanted for that turn what he did. Arjun said that he will ask her for some more time.
  23. During the war, Duryodhana accused Bhishma of favoring the Pandavas due to not using his full power. Bhishma took 5 gold arrows in his anger and offered him the spell. He swore that Pandavas will do this through their next day before sunset, arrows die. Duryodhana was in doubt that Bhishma would never use those arrows, so he kept them with him and decided to give them to Bhishma on the verge of war the next day. Krishna, on the other hand, reminded Arjuna that Vardan Duryodhana gave him. He said Arjun demanded 5 gold arrows of Duryodhana. Arjun did this. Duryodhana was amazed but did not understand Arjuna and gave up the arrow. Duryodhana asked Arjun.
    “Who told you that I have such arrows?”
    Arjuna answered. “Krishna, who else?”
  24. Due to the fall of Bhim on the 18th day, flowers were thrown at Duryodhana.
  25. Bhima had a living son, whose name was Sheshand, which was not given to the throne despite being very large in length. Instead, he became ruler of Kashi (his mother’s land).
  26. Bhanumathi and Balndhara were cousins ​​who were married in two fierce rivals: Mahabharata
  27. Besides Drupada, there were 10 more sons, Dhrishtadyumna.
  28. The real name of Satyaki was Yudhudhana.
  29. Kikka was 30 years old when proposing Draupadi. Draupadi herself was 50!
  30. Duryodhana was born here in Ashwin Krishna’s Dashami. His constellation was Bhavani.

Kindly mention in comments if there is any mistake or incorrect data present. You may also state some facts if required [I’ll update post giving you credit]. Thanks

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