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Things You Learn Too Late In Life

Things You Learn Too Late In Life

  1. Invest in stocks at a young age. Now, I urge everybody to learn to invest in the stock market.
  2. Never do business with close friends, especially family. it will end up with regret.
  3. Filthy truth: Looks matter.
  4. A piece of bad news is time flies and the good news is you are the pilot.
  5. Always dream big. Keep our eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.
  6. Never judge a person by looks, money, degree or anything. Always by his/her character.
  7. Yes… It is possible to control your subconscious with your conscious mind.
  8. Improve your AURA ENERGY...Meditate daily
  9. The world revolves around money.
  10. I walk slowly but I never walk backward.
  11. Money is supreme, things are easy for rich people.
  12. Saving money is the most important habit, we all must have.
  13. Health is wealth.
  14. Intelligence beats size.
  15. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur, but a great entrepreneur can come from anywhere and anytime.
  16. Comparing your life to other’s
  17. Don’t prove yourself everywhere.
  18. Friends Forever is just an illusion.
  19. Learn to respect your lover.
  20. Everyone is selfish. Don’t get it twisted.
  21. Stop wasting time on a person who doesn’t deserve your attention.
  22. You can learn from a book instead of coachings. That’s why I havepersonal library.
  23. A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies
  24. Binaural beats are really effective.
  25. Classical music is good.
  26. Don’t expect anything from anyone.
  27. Establish phone-free zones. Great way to tackle nomophobia.
  28. Social media is toxic. It lowers your self-esteem.
  29. No one in this world will stand up for you like the way your parents do. Always be there for them.
  30. People come, people go.
  31. Never think twice before saying “Love you” as life is too short.
  32. The money will never leave you, people will. Money is the ultimate need.
  33. People like it when people listen to them.
  34. Too much thinking will stop your acting.
  35. You can’t teach everyone. … Some people just never try to understand.
  36. We should never give up because sometimes great things take time to happen.
  37. It is never too late. Age is never a barrier to live a life to the full.

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Must read for you: Most Interesting Facts That You Don’t Know

  1. Love is a transient feeling. It fades with time and mood.
  2. Your problems are gossip and “timepass” for EVERYONE even your best friend. The only people who actually care are your parents. No one else. Not even your siblings. Eg. If you fail an exam, your relatives may only sympathize with you, your parents are the ones who will actually face headache and look for solutions.
  3. The key to happiness is acceptance. If your girlfriend or boyfriend dumped you or cheated on you, accept it wasn’t meant to be. Accept that someone more worthy is meant to be in your life. Pity them and move on.
  4. Bad terrifying breakups are a blessing. You will ONLY realize it after a couple of years of having broken up with someone you really loved. Breakups change your whole perspective and make you mature.
  5. Sex is a mere act. Its highly overrated and has 0 significance. It’s hyped for no reason. Sex has nothing to do with love. Having sex doesn’t guarantee a long lasting relationship. It’s just an act.
  6. There is nothing wrong. There is nothing right. There are only consequences.
  7. Life is about perspective. As I said there’s nothing wrong and there’s nothing right. Eg. You tell a pornstar having sex is wrong, he or she will laugh at you. You tell a soldier killing people is wrong, he won’t give a s*** about your opinion. Everyone functions as per their own perspective.
  8. The main cause of misery in life is having an association with negative people. if you are surrounded with positive and like-minded people the chances of you being depressed reduces exponentially.
  9. Life begins after no contact. If you are dealing with someone toxic(eg. Ex gf/bf)
  10. Being friends with an ex who dumped you will only cause more pain. Cause the day they get a new partner, guess what, they will dump you again. That will hurt more.
  11. As Conor McGregor says – “there’s no talent here. I am obsessed”. ~~~~~ if you think of it, work for it, dream about it, talk about it, do everything based on that 1 thing you want – the universe will make sure you get it. Feel it in your blood. Without saying, work your ass off towards it.
  12. Do not COMMIT to any guy or girl till the age of 24 minimum. Be loyal of course but don’t commit. Choices change as you mature.
  13. If you are going through a rough patch, keep reiterating to yourself that everything happens for the best and you will grow stronger due to this experience.
  14. Time heals EVERYTHING, but only if you let it. So when something bad happens, be optimistic about the future.
  15. With most emotional bonds which don’t work out. Strange fact: you start off as strangers and you end up being strangers.

Because you’re special…

Do You Know These Rare But Interesting Facts That Few People Know?

  1. Money does buy happiness.
  2. Luck matters.
  3. Education has nothing to do with sanity.
  4. There is always a second chance.
  5. Working out gives more satisfaction than partying late.
  6. Breakups do hurt, but you eventually move on.
  7. Getting dumped in a relationship is a lesson, not a failure.
  8. Dumping your partner in a relationship is an act of selfishness, not an achievement.
  9. Sometimes there is no explanation. Choose to be silent.
  10. You can’t please everyone. Never try to. Other people cannot give you the validation you seek.
  11. Being alone is addictive.
  12. Travelling doesn’t cure all of your problems.
  13. The best way to improve as a human being is ‘reading’.
  14. Learning about finance and money management is important.
  15. Never try to impress others by buying expensive things.
  16. Always be choosy while searching for a movie. 2–3 hours of your life are valuable. Same goes for Tv shows.
  17. Sex does help in reducing stress.
  18. Try to make some time every day for your hobbies. At least an hour, if possible.
  19. Spend a small percentage of your income every month on your body care. Your body is the most valuable asset you can ever own.
  20. Keep your house or office desk clean. Cleanliness is one of the best tools to make you feel positive.
  21. Never be overconfident about anything. No matter what, a few years later you will think of your current version as a dumb person.
  22. Never negotiate with less blessed people like rikshawala, autowala, coolie, balloon seller, vegetable vendors on street, etc.
  23. Pay a visit to an orphanage at least once in a month with things like chocolates, biscuits or whatever you are comfortable with.
  24. Never try to set a relationship between two of your common friends. A relationship built on a third person’s effort doesn’t last long.
  25. Don’t believe everything you see on Facebook or Instagram.
  26. Never indulge in political arguments with someone who is a blind supporter of any party.
  27. Whenever you see peons or sweepers in your office, give them a smile or ask them, ‘how are they’. It means a lot to them.
  28. Make time to create memories. You are getting old faster than you imagine.
  29. Think before falling asleep every night whether you would live the day in the same manner if you are given a chance to do it again.
  30. You are here after beating the probability of 1 in 400 million. It is no less than a miracle. You are nothing but a miracle. Make every moment count.

Source: Quora

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