1. How to dress well and chose the right suit, shirt, trouser and glasses (best suit for your face cut) + How to roll sleeves 3 different ways (4.8k) – Akash Agarwal’s answer
  2. How to fold a shirt in 2 seconds (60) – @Naresh Sangtani’s answer
  3. Roll your full sleeves in less than “10” seconds (66) – @Praveen Kumar’answer.
  4. How to wash your clothes in less than 10 minutes manually (111)- Kapeel

Computers and Internet Skills

  1. Download any website for offline use(89)- Amrit Pal’s answer 
  2. Open any application with a keyboard shortcut in windows (107)- Anand Reddy’s answer 
  3. Plug in the USB device in one shot (152) – Gaurav Parashar’s answer
  4. Google offers more features than a search, such as an alarm, wedding planner and even a Lego builder application (6.5k) – Bhuvan Rikka’s answer
  5. Learn to use Google search more efficiently by using the correct search operations- Answers by (2.3k) Gabriel Maestas’ answer and (2.1k) Partha Sarathi Hansdah’s answer
  6. Find direct download links (4.8k)- Shibu Lijack’s answer
  7. Play movies in the Google Chrome browser (2.1k)- Anonymous’ answer
  8. See what Google knows about you- (1.7k) Frederic Haddad’s answer
  9. Undo a sent email in Gmail (2.4k)- Vipin Agrawal’s answer
  10. Replace text in an online image (1.1k)- Jitendra Bisht’s answer
  11. When saving a PowerPoint, use .pps/.ppsx instead of .ppt/.pptx. This will open the presentation directly as a slide show. (5.6k) – Annanya Johari’s answer
  12. Create your own WiFi hotspot- (3.8k) Shondhi Singhal’s answer
  13. Control YouTube on your TV with your phone (1.6k)- Prasanna Venkatachari’s answer
  14. Hide a file in an image file- (3.6k) Avinash Kumar Sharma’s answer
  15. Fix and ALL CAPS document (520)- Divyanshu Thakur’s answer
  16. Check out a search engine for historical data (416)- Philip Thomas’ answer
  17. Hitting ctrl+ backspace deletes whole words instead of letters (113) Ankit Dhall’s answer
  18. Remove ads from webpages Omkar Jadhav’s answer
  19. Send yourself a message on Facebook. (51) Nitin Deshpande’s answer
  20. How to sync subtitles with audio in VLC if the subtitle is out of sync(137)-Prajwal Acharya’s answer
  21. Learn meanings of words without leaving the page ( Dictionary extension) (78)- Kushal’s answer, (140) Anil Poonia’s answer, (100) Jayashree Ravi’s answer
  22. Password Hack –   Harikrishnan EK’s answer
  23. How to Undo an Undo command – Ashwani Agarwal’s answer
  24. Top 27 Google Search Tricks That’ll Change The Way You Use Internet
  25. How to load printer paper – Paramjot Singh’s answer .

General Technology Skills

  1. You can tell if a TV remote is working by using your mobile phone’s camera (6.3k)- Varun Singh’s answer
  2. Learn the difference between C and CE in a calculator- Arvind Krishnakumar’s answer
  3. Become a master of cell phone photography- Anushya Rajaguru’s answer
  4. Manage your cables and cords- Yash Sharma’s answer
  5. Learn to “Root your android phone” – Pranav Pathak’s answer 
  6. How to tell whether a CD or DVD is blank by just looking at it (141)- Sanchay Kumar’s answer

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Life Skills

  1. Learn why you procrastinate (2.3k)- Suresh Rathinam’s answer
  2. Plan and refine a daily schedule- (2.4k) Jim Wagner’s answer and (2k) Balaji Viswanathan’s answer
  3. Take life less for granted and live in the present- Suryansh Jalan’s answer
  4. Create a video of the moments of your life- Lawrence Kurniawan’s answer
  5. Reduce stress- Niharika Banerjee’s answer
  6. Learn to understand others better- Carol Gordon’s answer
  7. Express your thoughts clearer by saying ‘very’ less- Karan Atree’s answer
  8. Learn the techniques behind speed reading- Raj Rai’s answer
  9. Learn about simple memorization techniques- Jagjot Cheema’s answer and Mohammad Zeeshan’s answer
  10. Learn basic meditation- James H. Kelly’s answer and Kabir Singh Chugh’s answer
  11. Learn the basics of the Socratic method (1k)- Tiana Clark’s answer
  12. Build better rapport with people- Adam Goldman’s answer
  13. Stop ostracizing others- Jacob Gorny’s answer
  14. Write letters to your future self (1.6k)- Nikant Vohra’s answer
  15. How to sleep better (55)- Asutosh Padhy’s answer
  16. Increase your goal achievement rates (71) – Jasdev Singh’s answer
  17. How to fall asleep faster (359)- Arpit Pareek’s answer
  18. Superior sexual techniques (64)- Dan Knight’s answer
  19. MEDITATION at home (497)- R. Smriti Iyer’s answer


  1. How to buy strawberries (2.8k)- Cyndi Perlman Fink’s answer
  2. How to buy oranges and grapefruits (3.2k)- Karen Opas’ answer
  3. Start growing your own vegetables (156)- Ram Babu’s answer
  4. Microwave two bowls at once (6.8k)- Ria Sah’s answer
  5. Stop spilling juice cartons (the paper kind)- Dwarakesh Pallagolla’s answer
  6. Learn a better way to eat chicken wings- Pranav Reddy’s answer
  7. Don’t go to the grocery store on an empty stomach- Kapil Garg’s answer
  8. Closing thin small plastic bags- Ashwin Kandel’s answer
  9. Avoid chewy microwaved pizza crust- Wassim Ferose’s answer
  10. Properly chop an onion- Christoph Brönnimann’s answer
  11. Hoax- Select Healthy Toothpaste Based on Color of Squares on Tubes- Suyash Chandak’s answer
  12. How to take out broken egg shells in egg Zora Valinova
  13. Rethink your drink (69)- Pranesh-Anantharaman


  1. Learn quick home repairs (937)- Neeraj Jagwani’s answer
  2. Crafty thoughts for the home (6.8k)- Ria Sah’s answer
  3. Bypass zoning laws preventing building fences- Ariel Williams’ answer
  4. Save money by upgrading your lighting (62) – Cy Rossignol’s answer


  1. Pack a suitcase better- (3k) Carlos Amezquita’s answer and (563) Abhiroop Medhekar’s answer
  2. Avoid being hoodwinked in a foreign country- Brandon Le’s answer
  3. Learn some Korean- Leo Peo’s answer
  4. Stop forgetting valuables in a hotel safe (943)- Dave Inch’s answer
  5. IRCTC (Indian Railways) Female Co-passenger Hack (8.7k) Amol Bhure’s answer
  6. Save money by buying snacks before boarding to the bus in India- Ravinder Ravi’s answer


  1. Trick to avoid late fees on credit cards – Shobhit Verma’s answer
  2. Become a millionaire (the disciplined way) (579)- Eric Scott’s answer

Other Useful Skills

  1. Learn simple navigation techniques to use when lost (315)- Trevor Best’s answer
  2. Avoid potholes on a motorbike by not riding in the centerline of the car infront of you (6.8k)- Akash Randheer’s answer
  3. Prevent back pain when crossing speed breakers on two wheelers (56) Pravin Chaudhary’s answer
  4. Get dust out of your eye (735)Philip Liou’s answer
  5. Emergency solution for frostbite- Akash Das’ answer
  6. Be safer in your car- Murali Krishnan’s answer and Matthew Caston’s answer
  7. Learn mental math for unit conversions (227)-  Anonymous’ answer
  8. Basic table manners (2k)- Akshat Jain’s answer
  9. How to remember which side a car’s gas tank is on- Jeff Harris’ answer
  10. Ideas for home and car safety- Jon Mixon’s answer
  11. Extend your razors useful life- Sam Higgins’ answer
  12. How to whistle with your fingers- Miguel Bandeira’s answer
  13. Many more skills Abhishek Walter’s answer , Jimeet Shah’s answerBen Mordecai’s answer and Aditya Gupta’s answer
  14. How to prevent your shampoo bottle from getting depleted quickly – Jay Singh’s answer
  15. Learn how to overcome nervousness in 10 minutes before your speech/presentation (53) – Adharsh Dhandapani’s answer
  16. Is everything that you read on the net always true (51) – Ranjith Kumar’s answer
  17. Trick to wake up early! (51)- Swayambodha Mohapatra’s answer
  18. Easiest way to prevent the motion sickness(55) Rishi Prakash’s answer
  19. Commonly used abbreviations (222) – Rimjhim Agrawal’s answer

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