Sleep is an essential part of our life and our health is also linked to it. To stay healthy, it is also important to take good sleep apart from eating good food.

We do not give sleep as much importance as it should be given. Apart from this, we do not take care of how long and when we should sleep.

The reason for this is lack of awareness or information, whatever it may be, but it results in a bad effect on health.
In the day when we are awake, there is an element called adenosine produced in the blood. The body becomes dull due to the formation of this element. This element ends with sleep and we begin to feel agile.

Due to sluggishness, the possibility of a major mistake increases when we do not sleep. This is one of the major reasons for road accidents.

It is necessary to not just sleep but take proper sleep. Some people try to complete sleep for less during the weekdays and sleep more on holiday. But this is not right.

If you sleep less for a day or two, then it can be compensated by sleeping the next day. But if you take less sleep for a whole week, then the sleep cannot be compensated by sleeping the whole day (on Sunday). Rather, due to this, the sleeping process worsens and you do not sleep well on Sundays too.

Good sleep benefits

When And How Long Should I Sleep?

Good sleep is necessary in the same way as it is necessary to take good food. Therefore, it is not advisable to lose sleep for work. Because when we are in sleep repair works in the body is done, many types of broken fibers are repaired and the body grows. Some of these are:

  • During sleep, the muscle and joints etc. are repaired in the body.
  • The flow of cerebral fluid increases in the brain, causing the brain to be new and fresh.
  • The pace of breathing is affected by day-to-day activities. Breathing in sleep returns to its rhythm.
  • The heart gets relief. Blood pressure and beating are reduced or get normal during sleep.

What to Do for Good Sleep?

  • Set a time for sleeping and waking up.
  • Learn the techniques to relax during sleep.
  • Keep the right temperature and light in the room and arrange the peace.
  • Keep the mattress and pillow comfortable.
  • Do not drink alcohol and tea coffee at night.
  • Do not use laptops, tabs, electronic goods before sleeping.
  • Exercise daily.

If there is any physical problem in sleep, then contact the doctor and diagnose it.

How long should I sleep?

Being aware of how long and when we should sleep in 24 hours, we can keep ourselves more agile and energetic. This also increases the ability to work.

According to the scientists, it can not be said exactly how long we should, but according to an estimated age, it can be said that how much sleep should be per day, which is as follows –

Newborn (0 – 3 months) 14 – 17 hours

Infant (4 – 11 months) 12 – 15 hours

Small children (1 – 2 years) 11 – 14 hours

Children (3 – 5 years) 10 – 13 hours

Large children (6 – 13 years) 9 – 11 hours

Teens (14 – 17 years) 8 – 10 hours

Youth (18 – 25 years) 7 – 9 hours

Adult (26 – 64 years) 7 – 9 hours

Elderly (over 65 years) 7 – 8 hours

Source: Sleep foundation

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Is taking Nap good?

Generally sleeping in the day is not considered good, but according to experts, the small nap taken during the day can be very beneficial. There are many benefits to taking a 10 – 15 minutes sleep in the day.

By taking a small nap in the day the mood remains good, memory becomes good, fatigue is low, agility keeps on growing, thinking ability, to understand and learning ability increases, and blood pressure decreases.

Just as the body gets used to waking up in the morning and sleeping at night, in the same way, one feels fatigue and lethargic once a day, and which has to take a snap to remove it. So a small nap can be taken at home or office.

How much and when should I sleep during the day?

It is not fair to sleep more often in the daytime. By sleeping longer, the problem may increase and night’s sleep may worsen. Sleep should not be more than half an hour in the day.

When to sleep in the day?

After one or two hours of lunch, the best time to take sleep is two to three o’clock. At this time, the physical energy starts decreasing, the amount of sugar in the blood decreases and it starts feeling lethargic.

To overcome this, people go for tea or coffee which is wrong. Tea coffee may feel a little refreshing, but in a short time, it seems to be more lethargic and tired.

Internal clock – Circadian rhythm

The process present in the body makes us understand the time to sleep and wake up naturally. It is known as internal clock or circadian rhythm. This process operates through the brain. Due to this, when there is light and dark, there is a sign of sleep and according to that our periods of sleeping and waking up keep going.

At night, with bright light, this clock in our brain indicates the day and sleep goes away. This effect is much more than the artificial light coming from mobile, laptop, TVs etc.

Therefore, it should be closed by two to three hours before sleeping. The need for sleep is different according to age and health. Apart from this, workload, physical stress and stress can also affect sleep.

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